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Summer Here

Indie/Mainstream Comp

Mix of Fresh Pop from 2021 + Sunshine Indie from the recent past. Listen in order for full summer highs and lows.

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Take 5

5 Hours of my Latest Finds

This is if you are looking for a rotating, but not too quick, mash of experimental indie pop. I update every 3 weeks with 1 hour of new music. Listening on shuffle is highly recommended.

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Alien Nation 👾🇺🇲👾

One Nation, Under Space

This is a cinematic playlist dedicated to space and extra-terrestrial indie. Listen in order for the full other-worldly experience.

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The locus of Vocal Ambient Rock

Longer than my normal playlists, partially thanks to the 20 minute climax courtesy of Young Jesus, it will push your ears to the crossroads of sound and voice and innovation.  

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