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Do These Bands Fux Live?

Acrea, Lira Yin, Rose Rutledge


February 3rd, 2024

Convenient bus ride from south BK to the smaller-than-it-looks Sleepwalk backroom. In a shall we say, "intimate" setting 3 bands were experienced including avante-garde flautist Rutledge, avante-garde square board pusher Yin, and avant-garde vocalist Acrea. A delight to several senses. 4.5/5.


Liz Cooper & Slark Moan

Lower East Side?

January 13th, 2024

Is it possible? Liz Cooper (the one in the hat) and Slark Moan (who I guess is in front). And for only $13? It certainly was not quite the show I was expecting, but I liked it twice as much you would have expected 4.25/5.


Prince Impersonator


January 10th, 2024

Could a Prince impersonator convince me that maybe there was more to Prince than meets the ear? Well this 4/5 performance certainly seemed to think so. Was glad for the invite.

City Winery

NYE Party


December 31st, 2023 - January 1st, 2024

How else to ring in the New Year but with 4 different bands at a brand new venue. The overall show may have only been a 4/5, but that's pretty good for Chelsea. I had to leave while Alice Glass was still killing it with her set cause 12:50 AM is still 12:50 AM.

Racket NYC

Heaven + Opener


December 19th, 2023

What better way to experience some Christmas cheer than with a gazey lounge experience. 4.75/5. Also shout out to the two ladies who opened, their carols filled me with Holiday Spirit! Sorry I forgot to snap a pic.

The Mercury Lounge

Le Couleur


November 30th, 2023

Voilà a 4.5/5 album release. Also apparently you can upload GIFs and not just frozen images so lets say this blog is about to get a lot more fun.

The Sultan Room

Woods, Vetiver

San Francisco

November 19th, 2023

Finally putting the great state of NoCal on the map, and with a double header to boot! Vetiver did more with less while Woods gave a raucous, but somewhat tempered performance, the highlight being an 8 minute jam out about 35 minutes into the set. Overall, 4/5. Nice way to end the West Coast tour.

The Chapel

La Force

Los Angeles

November 16th, 2023

So LA came to play and play hard. Following up Tuesday's performance in the quaint neighborhood of Downtown, La Force playing the Moroccan Lounge could not have been a better change up. Spiritual, dirigeable (its a thing), and most importantly completely danceable, La Force's 4/5 performance will leave you wanting more, more, more.

The Moroccan Lounge

Margaret Glaspy

Los Angeles

November 14th, 2023

Back in LA to start a short West Coast tour, so why not start at the incredible Lodge? Just a short 1 hour drive in traffic with 4.5/5 street tacos located just up the street, this venue has it all. Seeing Margaret Glaspy was just the icing on the cake. Cant say I staid for her final few though.

Lodge Room

Mating Ritual


November 4th, 2023

So this was a concert experience 4 years in the making when I missed these guys when I was at my peak in terms of fandom. In fact, I was surprised they were playing the smaller room given their rise in popularity. Unfortunately, they mostly played new stuff and only did a so-so performance of 1/4 songs I had come to see. While overall the show was lively and fun, I cannot give more than a 3.75/5.

Elsewhere Zone 1

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