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Do These Bands Fux Live?

Hey Cowboy!

Alphabet City

March 3rd, 2023

They played their one hit! And first time in the sneaky-cool Berlin. 4.5/5 w/ a Jack & Coke (on the rocks).

Berlin A



February 25th, 2023

Who knew a group of mid-20 gangly geeks could so entice a crowd with a 4/5 experience? Sometimes the openers are the real closers.

Babys Alright

Paris Monster


February 11th, 2023

When all else fails/is sold out head to the Sultan Room for a Masala Colada and 4.5/5 electro rock show. Good vibes included.

The Sultan Room

The Early Show


February 1st, 2023

Always, Always, Always in the search for another jazz club, and it looks like Bushwick may have just come through with Ornithology. My only advice is come for the early show, otherwise the place starts to really fill up; 2.5/3 since I only caught half.

Ornithology Jazz Club

Phil Robinson Presents

Alphabet City

February 7th, 2023

Always, Always, Always a pleasure to see Phil Robinson, Victor V Gurbo, and special guest on a Tuesday night. Drinks are strong, gluten free pizza just up the road, and always in great company 4/5

Mary O's

Young Jesus, Allegra Krieger, Nino Soberon


January 20th, 2023

Back in Brooklyn baby to see Young Jesus. This was the second consecutive NYC concert where I felt like openers, who were Nino Soberon, the looping avant grade cello performer, and the second opener, Allegra Krieger (acoustic), kind of stole the show and the only way for YJ to compete would have been a raucous full band concert. Unfortunately, this time it was Young Jesus who deceived us by showing up solo and playing a fairly mournful set. I have not seen a mouth so stretchy since seeing Pile last March. 4/5 overall, but again that was thanks to 4.5/5 openers.


Mary Lattimore


January 15th, 2023

[This review has been intentionally left blank until my headbanger cousin who I dragged along has submitted his review of the concert]


Allie Crow Buckley

West Hollywood

January 13th, 2023

Alright, lets take this show on the road! Back in LA for the long weekend, and what better way to start than a quick drive up the 101 to land at Gold Diggers. Dont skimp on the Mezcal and enjoy the show, because Allie Crow Buckley was a nothing short of mesmerizing. Effortlessly moving between downtempo ballad and uptempo ballad, this was the show to fly 3,500 miles to go see. Also world class Mexican food just down the block and the opener (Spring Summer) wasn't bad neither. 4.5/5

Gold Digger's

Seafoam Walls, Evan Wright, Juvenoia


January 11th, 2023

One of those shows where the openers, Juvenoia (top), and Evan Wright (middle) played so hard they almost exhausted all my energy before Seafoam Walls came on. Dont get me wrong, I still enjoyed the show, and overall 4.25/5, but truth is I only got so much transcendence in me for a night.

The Sultan Room

Maji, Tay. P, Hailey Heart, Robyn Lashae, Rah Figgy, Tay Prince, Bryant EDT


January 5th, 2023

Alright, new year, first concert, we have to do this right, and this, my loyal readers, was done right. Technically I was catfished into this show and I'd never been to this venue (or part of Bushwick) so I was a little unsure of what to expect. The space was welcoming (though prepare to pay $15 for a Captain Morgan call drink), and the music started right at 7:30. The performances were outstanding, all in the realm of modern R&B (and a little beat poetry), with just good vibes all around. Only problem is I left a little early for some reason? 4/5 Great start to the year.

The Meadows

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