Do These Bands Fux Live?



November 5th, 2022

Not quite a fall concert given the balmy outside weather, but it was a concert made to make you fall. Once again proving wearing shoes is only a state of mind, the lead had no problem trouncing around the stage for an hour long set that left plenty of time to pop out for a smoke or a drink and come back in. They said something about this being their final tour on their insta, but no mention was made, just that they were happy to hang out. 3.5 first half/4.5 second half.

Brooklyn Made



October 28th, 2022

A Halloween creeptacular. Heads off to the openers: ANDREW and FLOSSING who set the mood just right for Shamirs 4/5 performance (4.5/5 bassist). As Shamir said the world is ending, but its nice to be out dancing while we still can.

The Broadway

King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard

Forest Hills

October 21st, 2022

If someone asks you to see KG&TWL at Forest Hills stadium in exchange for a cat sit, you say yes. May have been in the nose bleeds, but man were there some "Lizard Brains" there easily ably to distinguish from one world music power ballad to the next, 3.5/5.

Forest Hills Stadium

The Shacks, Brainstory, et al.


October 14th, 2022

Ya, I go to the Mercury Lounge and Sultan Room a lot. Sue me. Anyway, this is one of those weird reverse concerts where the band I thought was headlining (The Shacks) was opening and the band I thought was second opener (Brainstory), was second opener, but they were opening for some other band. This is why I always try and get to shows early cause you cant risk it. Anyway The Shacks played a chill 3.5 and Brainstory played a slightly less chill 4. If you stayed for Surprise Chef, I hope it was good.

The Sultan Room



October 5th, 2022

Kiltro on a Wednesday. They had two drummers, but apparently needed two acoustic guitarists as well. The singer/guitar player (not featured because he was off to the side fiddling with the computer so much) switched between playing the lead notes and riff notes with pre-recorded backing guitar. Cant say I particularly enjoyed the computer generated noise. 3/5.

The Mercury Lounge

Superorganism, Blood Cultures

Hamden, Connecticut (I know)

September 29th, 2022

Got stuck in 1.5 hour traffic to travel 70 miles and see this glamorous group away from the city. SO played a spell-binding 80 minutes for a 4/5 appearance. Blood Cultures was a decent band to sip a Jaegerbomb to, 3.25/5. Lets put Hamden on the map!

Space Ballroom

Ron Gallo


September 22nd, 2022

There are rooftop concerts, and then there are rooftop concerts. Surprisingly not sold out, I think my photo best covers the general feel of Gallo's 4.5/5 performance.

The Sultan Inn Rooftop

Yucky Duster


September 18th, 2022

Retaining its title as "hard club to get to the front of" Yucky Duster still managed to reach the back of the crowd with some upside down power punk on a Sunday.

Baby's Alright

Pinc Louds

Alphabet City

September 11th, 2022

Crossed the Williamsburg Bridge on a Bianchi, but it was worth every pedal (sort of). 3.5/5, senior discount applied.


Renny Conti


September 3rd, 2022

Just made it to catch most of RC's set. 3.5/5 (would have been 4 if I got there on time), but holy hell it was hard to believe they were opening.

The Mercury Lounge